Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dandelion (cth karya bombastk seorg yg batak lps dpt Thesaurus.. XD)

Under the boundless azure empyrean..
Drifting forlornly,
Apart from the brothers..
Away from the origin..
Glissading aimlessly,
Drag by the tail of zephyr..
Who owns a vague nature
graceful or loathsome

A fragile seed..
Of a delicate weed ..
A dandelion..
Small as it can be..
yet facing the biggest voyage,
Searching for the desired land
Purifying the befog future..

Fly into the world of never coming back,
For the nature refuses the to grant the return ..
Breezes and gusts..
Waiting anxiously and tardily
As a test of valor..
Along the long boulevard of quaesitum..

Relinquish not
to the glare of phoebus..
Or tears of the wild blue yonder..
For it is in His hand..
Independence, experience , wisdom
Shall be the key..
Of revealing the covetous world
Land as a leader of tomorrow..

1 comment:

hisyam said...

utterly, definitely, undeniably, atrociously "comprehensible"...haha. No doubt abt it.

Phm gak sploh.