Saturday, June 18, 2011


A 5 year old boy stood still,
by his friend, who was bragging around with his new Ultraman action figure.
His eyes rolled, tailing the new hot toy of the age, as the other boy moved it around,
as if the Ultraman really fly.

And the boy went back home.
Carrying hope deep within his little heart of a young boy,
of if he could ask one from his mom.

"I thought I just bought you that Masked Rider the other day, consider it as enough for the time being. Mama has no money to please every of your wishes. "

Yet he was determined. Somehow.
As he knew he could still have some glimpse of chance,
to enlighten his hope.

The sound of closing door caught his attention.
He was actually waiting for the sound.
For his Dad actually, from the very beginning.
And he approached his exhausted-looking dad,
delightedly telling his wish of hope. Ultraman.

But the father was giving no answer.
Just a little pat on the head and he went ahead.
A tiny bit of dismay knocked into the boy's heart.
Yet the boy was far convinced by a thought of his father was too tired from his work.
Went out as early as the cockcrow, returned home as the night crawled in.

So he waited for tomorrow, to try his luck.
but then again, it was nothing to bright up his wish. Negative.

And nothing the boy had gained from day to day..
till one moment came, finally a respond.

"You have your Masked Rider already, what's the different? They're just simply the same. Action figures."

But the yield was no disparate from the other attempts.
And finally those glimpse of chance were devoured,
by the lurking despair,
turning this pure wish of a young child into nothing but vanity.
Nothing.. only forlornness filled his small heart.

One night of the boy was awakened.
Alone in the dark room, yet enlightened by some beam of dim light from the staircase.
Sleepiness was still there, but it never stop his sadness.
Suddenly some footsteps had broken the silence of the midnights.
But the young one could already confirmed his guess, it was his Dad.
The one who turned down his wish. Down into the vain.

The boy pulled the blanket around him, pretending to asleep as his Dad appeared in front of the boy's room, with its door was left half opened.
But the father didn't continue his steps ahead to the master bedroom.
Somehow he could felt the presence of the awoken sulking child.
The young boy kept his eyes upon his Dad, but from inside the fluffy blanket.
They had an eye contact, but neither of them were aware of this.

The worn-out man took something from his pocket.
A medium sized box, and he threw it gently.
The box flew into the air and dropped just upon the small space of the blanket,
where the boy peeked at his Dad.
The father entered his room, leaving everything behind while the boy was drown in the depth of curiosity.

Reaching the box slowly, carefully, as his eyes started to focus upon the box, bit by bit.
But he could never believe what his eyes had told,
as his logic kept on screaming it was a just dream while his heart whispering the happiness, signifying the reality of what his senses had felt.
And he fell back into his slumber,was enlightened with a serene smile,
as his heart continued to whisper...

"Thank You Dad.."


Selamat Hari Bapa.
Walaupun sepatutnya tiap2 hari ialah hari bapa.