Wednesday, December 31, 2008

questions of towards the all,whole new...

it is the last of 2008..
why not we make some review of what had happened along the year..?
so much things had happened..
but how much have you learned..?
how much things have changed you..?
will they make you 1 step closer to "that"..?
will you be able to answer all the questions lurking within..?

you've met peoples along this way up till now..
what will you take from them..?
for what purpose..?
a better life of tomorrow perhaps..?
make yourself a better man..?
or waste those "pieces" you have collected..?
the filth stained you along the way..
what will you regard them as..?
as a learning to purify it..
or as fear for you not to see it..?

life goes on..
which boulevard will you take from now on..?
continuing the same path of black and white..
or paving the new genuine path of yourself..
or tailing the branching road of those you've met..?
of which,you believe will lead to the brightest site..

let's go down beneath of our heart..
into the faith within..
searching for the sincere truth..

May He guide us towards the better day..

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yeah..may Allah guide u to a meaningful year of 1430 hijriah and 2009 miladiah