Wednesday, December 31, 2008

questions of towards the all,whole new...

it is the last of 2008..
why not we make some review of what had happened along the year..?
so much things had happened..
but how much have you learned..?
how much things have changed you..?
will they make you 1 step closer to "that"..?
will you be able to answer all the questions lurking within..?

you've met peoples along this way up till now..
what will you take from them..?
for what purpose..?
a better life of tomorrow perhaps..?
make yourself a better man..?
or waste those "pieces" you have collected..?
the filth stained you along the way..
what will you regard them as..?
as a learning to purify it..
or as fear for you not to see it..?

life goes on..
which boulevard will you take from now on..?
continuing the same path of black and white..
or paving the new genuine path of yourself..
or tailing the branching road of those you've met..?
of which,you believe will lead to the brightest site..

let's go down beneath of our heart..
into the faith within..
searching for the sincere truth..

May He guide us towards the better day..


Thursday, December 18, 2008

If yOu aRe HuNgrY, ThEn EaT.. iF yOu aRe sTaRviNg, ThEn DevOuR..... XD

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful

Salam...!! So my journal continues..
So what it'll be this time? Let's meet the Egyptian food~!!

Well,honestly,if you have the true,pure,genuine taste of malay...or i could say a true malay~~ XD
you'll take time to suit yourself with the egyptians' taste..or perhaps never at all..your tongue and stomach just can't accept it,some even forbid it~~! =_=

ok then,let's start with the most well-known & the egyptians' favourite..yet the most top ranked,blacklisted by the belly of some malaysian students..hehe..Kosyari,that's the beautiful name~~(just exaggerate a little bit,a tiny compliment to it..I don't know what's the meaning,so don't ask.. XD )

Kosyari : maccaroni,spagheti,rice,chick pea,some beans (don't really recognize which bean,but taste like green beans..hehe)..then salsa sauce is added on the top,garnished with fried onion (yeah!my fav!!hehe). the can imagine yourself...huhu..typical..honestly,kinda dull..plain sour of the salsa(it's made up from tomato).. this is why the malaysian can't accept this well,some eat it,because they are hungry and the have less money..can't afford something else.. XD
we tend to eat meals with multiple taste,we simply can't really accept a plain taste..a meal must at least comes with salty and a little of sweet..that's the basic of the Malay taste..don't you agree??hehe..

next,the falafel and tokmiah team~~!!XD
this one also a famous one,both,malaysians and egyptians..hehe
because of its look;like and almost similar to the indian traditional kueh..
the masalode vadei..
if you see the pic,it's the tokmiah with boiled egg..tokmiah is falafel sandwich;
falafel in a pita bread,together with some vegies... how about the falafel then,it's made up
of beans,some herbs,onions,shaped into a patty,so much like nuggets and burger patties,then
it's deep fried..
tokmiah is a famous breakfast in egypt,you can see the egyptians buying this and eat it by the side of the street,it's a quick breakfast,easy to eat. In a nut shell,tokmiah = local burger.. XP

egyptians love red meat and internal organs like brain,liver and so on..and they eat them mostly
with the bread or making sandwiches. this one is called Sugok..I don't know what it is really made up of,but they say it's meat,compressed into a cylindrical shape,like sausage.. Look at it by yourself,honestly,my 1st time of eating this sugok,the look give my doubtness,and I hesitate to eat it..huhu.. (judge it yourself.....)

So then,let's what's your 1st expression over the picture above? tasty? or perhaps you would just say, "nah,nothing but just something burnt..or hangit.." =_=
(well,it's quite hangit actually..the cook made it like that on that time..)
this is hawausyi, (again,don't ask me the meaning's not with me yet.. XP)
minced meat enclosed in a medium-thick dough and it is baked in an oven..that's the very basic of hawausyi,it varies according to place and restaurant,the one in the picture is bought from a famous restaurant,GAD,and it's a little bit special than other hawausyi.
this one is added with tomatoes,capsicums,and more importantly... MOZZARELLA & CHEDDAR CHEESE!! me,it's no longer belong to the hawausyi family,because it has step into the realm of pizza~~haha..
personally,this is 1 of my favourite,it taste like pizza(almost ALIKE~~!!ahaha.. XD),but way cheaper and bigger than the "real pizza"..(I nicknamed this hawausyi as pseudopizza..haha)
let's calculate:

hawausyi,base+meat+capsicums+tomatoes+cheeses = LE 7.50 (around rm4.50)
vegie pizza,base+vegies+capsicums+tomatoes+cheeses= LE 12 (around rm7.20)

See~~which one is worth of buying~~~~ XP

No worries for the roti canai maniacs and lovers...because the brother of roti canai is here
in Egypt..hehe..the name is Fathirah. Fathirah = pie (they translate it like that,no further details,I read the translation in the menu..hehe)..
Done the same way as it's little brother in Malaysia,it is tebar just like the mamak does..hehe..then is baked with oil on a pan,put in a large oven..(almost like frying... =_=)
the taste also alike,but this one is a little bit dry and crunchy..commonly eaten with sugar,they call it Fathirah Bi Sukar (fathirah with sugar),the fathirah is sprinkled with icing sugar and hot milk is poured over it..nice eaten while hot,but daily taken is never a suggestion due to high oil & sugar containing.. =_=

Well, I think this is all for the 1st episode..hehe..

وَظَلَّلْنَا عَلَيْكُمُ الْغَمَامَ وَأَنْزَلْنَا عَلَيْكُمُ الْمَنَّ وَالسَّلْوَى كُلُوا مِنْ طَيِّبَاتِ مَا رَزَقْنَاكُمْ وَمَا ظَلَمُونَا وَلَكِنْ كَانُوا أَنْفُسَهُمْ يَظْلِمُونَ (٥٧

"And We shaded you with clouds and sent down on you Al-Manna and the quails, (saying): "Eat of the good lawful things We have provided for you," (but they rebelled). And they did not wrong Us but they wronged themselves. "

(Al-Baqarah,verse 57)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

bangun utk hormat...??

Rasulullah Shallallaahu ‘alaihi wa Salam bersabda,

مَنْ أَحَبَّ أَنْ يَتَمَثَّلَ النَّاسُ لَهُ قِيَامًا فَلْيَتَبَّوَأْ مَقْعَدَهُ مِنَ النَّارِ

“Barangsiapa suka dihormati manusia dengan perhormatan dalam bentuk berdiri, maka hendaklah dia bersiap sedia dengan tempat duduknya di Neraka.” (Hadis Riwayat Ahmad, hadis sahih)

"mengumumkn ketibaan Dato' Zap...."
*amalan bangun apabila tetamu kehormat tiba
sudah menjadi satu budaya majlis pada masa kini...
*gambar sebagai hiasan...

- Berdiri semata-mata untuk menghormati, bukan untuk berjabat salam atau menyambut seseorang yang datang, adalah ditegah sebagaimana hadis yang anda sebutkan. Termasuklah berdiri ketika guru masuk kelas, atau ketibaan orang kenamaan dalam majlis.

*bangun utk iringi ke tempat duduk...

- Sekurang-kurangnya hukumnya adalah makruh sebagaimana dipilih oleh sesetengah ulama.

- Kata Syeikh Bin Baz, "Tidak harus bagi guru memerintahkan mereka (pelajar) berdiri (ketika guru masuk kelas), berdasarkan hadis Muawiyah yang menunjukkan ancamana, dan makruh pula bagi pelajar untuk bangun kerana hadis Anas". (Majalah Buhuts Islamiyyah 26/347)

*Namun adab majlis perlulah dijaga..hormati majlis

- Yang diharuskan ialah bangun untuk berjabat salam, atau untuk tujuan-tujuan lain seperti membawanya ke tempat duduk dan seumpamanya. Malahan ia antara akhlak yang mulia.

*tp hormatilah guru ketika PnP...


Monday, December 15, 2008

tis is...

Tis is the day,
of myself breaking through
the border of false and truth
learning of what eyes never know,
what thought never see
of everything that lies ahead..

But the learning is never an ease;
for one must listen
to the whisper of heart,
accepting the reality,
revealing the truth beyond lies,
To carve the desired life..

Tis is the path;
Of the way I choose,
To step further forth,
To decide what is lie or fact,
To stand on my shadow
Having my own way..
To colour the dreams
between the light and darkness…

Monday, December 1, 2008

customer,profit or relax time, ya 'ammu? =_=

juruwang,jgn sesekali buat mereka pening kepala mengira
ape yg anda telah beli,jika tidak anda akan dikenekan bayaran

Ya 'ammu~~ana 'awiz ruz billahmah wel beid..!
(pak cik,saye nk nasi daging dgn telur..!)

it's a common phrase in the noon..during the lunch..(mostly it's after the lecture,almost evening..haha XD)

mat'am kuliah tibb..that's the place we usually had our breakfast & lunch,since the only restaurant that serve nasi + lauk..haha..the owner somehow already know the taste of malaysian.. credits for him!!hehe

yet,this is not the main point to be highlighted here..just imagine,when all the malaysian students went and gather in this not-so-big double story restaurant,4 rectangular dining table with 4 seats for each story(kinda confusing,hehehe..)..zahmah awi~~!! (soooo crowded!! XD)

yes,the owner is very happy and delightful,since it's time to make fortune!! rushing around,up and down he goes,taking orders from the student.. "salamualaikum,aiwah ya doktor!! 'awiz eh??" (salam..yes doctor,what do you want??).. yelling and shouting to his workers...and tada!! your order is there,ready to be chewed down,yeah!!

hey,wait up!why not compare your very own,just arrived,hot and steamy beef rice with your friend's next to does have diferentS..erm,let's say..count how many piece of meat are there..hey,my beid maqli(fried egg) is only quarter of yours..yet i've to pay same's 1pound for an egg,not quarter.. T-T

this is it,the scenario of customer,profit and relax..yes,the service is way fast,like a fast food restaurant,even pizza hut can never compete with this restaurant..fufufufu..but there's an extreme down side here,a lethal's service..thumbs down everybody~!!haha XD

lihat & perhatikan warna minyak tersebut..minyak goreng
falafel,kentang dan segalanya......

entertain yourself watching the workers rushing around while waiting for your orders..though it is only the two of you..huhu
these people want to finish their work fast,so that they can have a nice pleasure leisure time in the middle of their "office hour"'s okay,but when the action excludes the customers' right..well..huhu..judge yourself...
MONEY!! fast money perhaps..that pop ups in their head...
frying oil that has not been change for more than 4 days..(i guess..)
that way you can cut the cost of buying new cooking oil..huhu
multiple used oil=may cause CANSER!!

kerana inilah satu2nya tmpat yg ade nasi+lauk~~

we complain the service,yet we still eat there..hahaha...since they have nasi berlauk..i guess.. =_=