Thursday, January 15, 2009

cooking and baking is fun,but they are no games~!!

get the recipe, copy paste it somewhere..
then go for ingredient hunting, a tempting one..
go all-out for a better discovery..
conventional stores, supermarkets, typical small shops, bakery..
never let them slip off from your eyes of vulture..
into your "prey" lair..
go for eager, blood-thirsty mode, look around for the best one..
quality,never forget them!!
flour,eggs,butter,milk,soda bicarbonate,baking powder,sugar..
these are on the top list,hunt them in 1st priority!!!
then go for the minions, cocoa powder,nuts,cooking chocolate,some fruits..
anything you love to be thrown into your cake mixture..
(this is the list for choc cake)

now you've done with the hunting,fun eh?
now it's time for the 2nd round..
let's mess up with the ingredients..
sieve those powdery ingredient tardily..
be patient if you are using a small sieve..
of course,never sieve the sugar!!
beat the eggy-weggy like mad (if you are using your very own pair of hands)
use your own strength,it's a nice exercise and may build up more!! XD
beat it well, it looks foamy and white, add sugar add resume the beating..
till you have pain + lenguh2 in your arm..haha (then use the mixer,lol!!)
add the remaining ingredients,mix them well,nice,till it looks smooth..

fuh~~done the 2nd round,let's go for the final showdown..
grease the baking can,run a spoon covered with some butter on it over the can..
patiently pour the mixture..
then bake it!!haha
sounds simple but my first outcome turn out to be a compact, 'stout', not rising chocolate cake.. T-T
after 'autopsy',we come out with 2 diagnosis :
1. to little soda bicarbonate
2. we never beat the mixture well..

that's why it's NOT A GAME though it's fun..huhu
1 step wrong and the outcome will mess up with you..

"kerana sesungguhnya setiap kesusahan itu ada kemudahan,
sesungguhnya setiap kesusahan itu ada kemudahan.."

(Al-insyirah,94 : 5-6 )


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