Monday, May 25, 2009

yet another pet..... meow~ meow~ >___>

24th may 2009

that's almost about a week after we met the trio kitties.
it was a shady evening,
I was walking into an alley which lead to the rear door of my hostel,
again, my ears caught those mournful sounds..
stopping my progression and looked around.
what would it be this time? box? plastic bags? or some sorts of tupperware??
the alley was quite dark as the dusk was approaching,
and those eager eyes rolled into a black space under a staircase.
rubbish, dust and some debris of the late renovation made in that area,
and something unusual was noticed its existence.

the pointer : kitty was found here, crying loud.. T__T

ahh.. there you go, a cute little kitty crying mournfully.
with it's loud meows despite the little body.
loud enough to break the silence engulfing the alley.
a thought popped up, could it be the trio?
nope, this one is about 0.25 times smaller,
with some patches of "red, blue and white" blended for the fur.

the little fella was eager due to the camera flash..
though its eyes were still closed and clogged..

ah, poor little kitty..
with a weak thought to bring it into the hostel,
as another thought of it's mommy might be around.
the two fought for awhile, so the decisive seconds ended with the mommy thought.
so I left it there.
perhaps waiting till tomorrow, as a confirmation of the mommy's absence.
see ya again kitty..

kitty in new home of egg-tray walled

night crawled in.
it was after isya' prayer,
which the time allocation was around 10 pm.
one of 'we' underwent the same situation of mine in the evening.
*the 'we' mentioned in the last post*
yet the difference between us was that, his pity won,
and he decided to pick the little poor kitty.
sympathy won against him in total.
he fed it,
bathed it in such a "luxurious green bowl" (huh?!)


prepared a nice, cozy bed within a bucket.
this time no more shredded egg trays.
and surprisingly, the little fellow won a big care.
caressed by the time it cry.
and let all the fear it carried left away.
as the calm flew by in grace.

oh well, hope there would be no ending of the trio for this little fellow.
grow up kitty,
with peace and love embracing you all the time.
that's the only wish could be enlighted.


*why all of the sudden,a lot of kitties abandoned nearby the hostel area?? without their mommy... somehow the locals and natives have lost their heart... *
*the terms red, blue and white, refers to the colour of cat fur theorically.. though we see those as orange, gray/dark gray and white respectively*

*to kepalakotak, this kitty somehow looks damn very nice if turned into tempura*



Saturday, May 23, 2009

pets in the house,for awhile... >__>

18th may 2009

it was the date when we came across a box.
the box seemed empty by the side of garbage pile.
yet it "produced" some sort of sound.
the sound was somehow described as cute. (??)
because the box "MEOWS"!
so we decided to have a peek into it.
wow(?? how should I express the feeling in words?),
3 little kitties with their eyes still closed,
crawling with shaky limbs.
yet no sign of the presence of the mother.
at such age (about a week), those kitties need cares from their mother.
and so, they were taken home, to our hostel.
got them some pieces of clothes, shredded egg trays to "furnish" the box.
just for providing some warmth within the box.
hoping the kitties would stop "crying" mournfully.
Aaah, yes... our expectations didn't meet the target.
the meows still there, and assumed that they were hungry.
there we go, grabbed the fridge door handle and pull it with eager.
here we had our eyes glazed through the smelly never-get-cleaned refrigerator.
milk.. milk.. milk...
aha! found some, poured some into a flat container and served it.
*our bad,took the milk without asking permission from the owner*

to our surprise.
the kitties didn't even know to drink the milk!!
were they too small to just lick the milk?
or they were being so slow that they haven't learn to?
we used syringe to feed them.. failure.
we used small tiny drinking straw.. partially failure. (huh?!)
put those 'eating-aid-instrument' into their mouth,
in attempt to flow the milk into them.

such day went on for some days ahead.
and that was it. we couldn't take it anymore.
those loud mournful meows really made us guilty.
so the box was moved into next door in the very early morning Friday.
into an indonesian restaurant.
expecting better care from them.
bye bye kitties~

*kitties with temporary names, the 1st night in hostel*
(clockwise : bobo , nono, vann)

*should we blame the original owner of the kitties for abandoning them without their mommy? and in the end we,the so-called lifesaver ended up doing the same thing .. poor kitties..*


Sunday, May 17, 2009

meyapu sawang

sejak menerpa ke 'era' semester 2, blog ini tiada lagi seaktif dulu, walaupun jarang, tapi tetap ada contengan. Namun kini contengan kian kurang, mungkin atas faktor-faktor 'pengganggu' yang menjelma dari celah-celah yang entah mana kewujudannya. Ketandusan idea berlaku dengan lebih kerap. Hujan-hujan yang datang untuk membasahi benih-benih pemikiran kering diserap faktor-faktor misteri ini. Maka tiada contengan terukir di dinding blog, yang secara tidak langsung kesepian menyingkap. Kalau ada pun, hanyalah contengan-contengan import yang kadang-kalanya second-hand. Maka hadirlah labah-labah imaginasi, membina kawasan perumahan baru, yang mungkin hanya layak tarafnya sebagai setinggan dunia internet.

sawang-sawang kelabu *hanya kita imaginasikan* terbina dibucu, kemudian merebak ke tepian dan sempadan bilik. mungkin sawang hanya mampu menarik perhatian orang lalu-lalang, yang hanya ingin bersinggah, ingin tahu kerana tidak pernah sampai di blog sawang ini. *peratusan yang sangat rendah*. namun bagi pengunjung tetap, tiada rasa ingin berkunjung muncul, sekadar melihat papan tanda, tak pun, alamat sahaja..
begitulah nasib sang-blog yang hilang sinar contengan. mungkin akan luput sendiri tanpa sedar. dikunyah anai-anai web *imaginasi*, dibungkus sawang hingga bila-bila, menjadi mumia web.

resolusi muncul jika faktor misteri terungkai..

kini kerja menyapu sawang, menyedut debu-debu dengan vacuum cleaner, mengelap jendela , penyusunan contengan, bermula. maka bersyukurlah.. =p

idea baru untuk membuang sawang?