Monday, May 25, 2009

yet another pet..... meow~ meow~ >___>

24th may 2009

that's almost about a week after we met the trio kitties.
it was a shady evening,
I was walking into an alley which lead to the rear door of my hostel,
again, my ears caught those mournful sounds..
stopping my progression and looked around.
what would it be this time? box? plastic bags? or some sorts of tupperware??
the alley was quite dark as the dusk was approaching,
and those eager eyes rolled into a black space under a staircase.
rubbish, dust and some debris of the late renovation made in that area,
and something unusual was noticed its existence.

the pointer : kitty was found here, crying loud.. T__T

ahh.. there you go, a cute little kitty crying mournfully.
with it's loud meows despite the little body.
loud enough to break the silence engulfing the alley.
a thought popped up, could it be the trio?
nope, this one is about 0.25 times smaller,
with some patches of "red, blue and white" blended for the fur.

the little fella was eager due to the camera flash..
though its eyes were still closed and clogged..

ah, poor little kitty..
with a weak thought to bring it into the hostel,
as another thought of it's mommy might be around.
the two fought for awhile, so the decisive seconds ended with the mommy thought.
so I left it there.
perhaps waiting till tomorrow, as a confirmation of the mommy's absence.
see ya again kitty..

kitty in new home of egg-tray walled

night crawled in.
it was after isya' prayer,
which the time allocation was around 10 pm.
one of 'we' underwent the same situation of mine in the evening.
*the 'we' mentioned in the last post*
yet the difference between us was that, his pity won,
and he decided to pick the little poor kitty.
sympathy won against him in total.
he fed it,
bathed it in such a "luxurious green bowl" (huh?!)


prepared a nice, cozy bed within a bucket.
this time no more shredded egg trays.
and surprisingly, the little fellow won a big care.
caressed by the time it cry.
and let all the fear it carried left away.
as the calm flew by in grace.

oh well, hope there would be no ending of the trio for this little fellow.
grow up kitty,
with peace and love embracing you all the time.
that's the only wish could be enlighted.


*why all of the sudden,a lot of kitties abandoned nearby the hostel area?? without their mommy... somehow the locals and natives have lost their heart... *
*the terms red, blue and white, refers to the colour of cat fur theorically.. though we see those as orange, gray/dark gray and white respectively*

*to kepalakotak, this kitty somehow looks damn very nice if turned into tempura*




Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

let's make sure this fella lives a happy life...

Dr. Shukri Ustaz Suliman Sujak said...

Afiqq...tq buat post ni..
comeyl gile..hahah..

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

letak gambar terbaru... gambar ni comot kot, mata pun x bukak lagi... sekarang dah kawai!... elok aku tgh belajar, x jadi belajar sebab dia... siot... haha

Mohd Firdaus bin Shafie said...


benevolent said...

(melawat kawasan anak2 buah)

whoa.....kitty,again?? u r so fated to bcome d father of kitties dude~!! shes so cute.seindah nama jgk,fella..agree with ur fren,upload her present pic.cant wait to see if shes gettin fatter n bulater.huhu