Saturday, May 23, 2009

pets in the house,for awhile... >__>

18th may 2009

it was the date when we came across a box.
the box seemed empty by the side of garbage pile.
yet it "produced" some sort of sound.
the sound was somehow described as cute. (??)
because the box "MEOWS"!
so we decided to have a peek into it.
wow(?? how should I express the feeling in words?),
3 little kitties with their eyes still closed,
crawling with shaky limbs.
yet no sign of the presence of the mother.
at such age (about a week), those kitties need cares from their mother.
and so, they were taken home, to our hostel.
got them some pieces of clothes, shredded egg trays to "furnish" the box.
just for providing some warmth within the box.
hoping the kitties would stop "crying" mournfully.
Aaah, yes... our expectations didn't meet the target.
the meows still there, and assumed that they were hungry.
there we go, grabbed the fridge door handle and pull it with eager.
here we had our eyes glazed through the smelly never-get-cleaned refrigerator.
milk.. milk.. milk...
aha! found some, poured some into a flat container and served it.
*our bad,took the milk without asking permission from the owner*

to our surprise.
the kitties didn't even know to drink the milk!!
were they too small to just lick the milk?
or they were being so slow that they haven't learn to?
we used syringe to feed them.. failure.
we used small tiny drinking straw.. partially failure. (huh?!)
put those 'eating-aid-instrument' into their mouth,
in attempt to flow the milk into them.

such day went on for some days ahead.
and that was it. we couldn't take it anymore.
those loud mournful meows really made us guilty.
so the box was moved into next door in the very early morning Friday.
into an indonesian restaurant.
expecting better care from them.
bye bye kitties~

*kitties with temporary names, the 1st night in hostel*
(clockwise : bobo , nono, vann)

*should we blame the original owner of the kitties for abandoning them without their mommy? and in the end we,the so-called lifesaver ended up doing the same thing .. poor kitties..*



benevolent said... cute d kitties r~! em dun blame d ori owner cz i dun think he/she/they ever exist. nway it's a v.noble deed of u guys to hv put d effort to shelter n feed on d kitties...btw, do clean up ur fridge before it gets too dirty+smelly~!!

afiQFaiz said...

erk, i believe there is an owner.. since they were put in a box, left by the side of garbage pile.. sure is not the mommy's work..coz cats would find a better place to deliver n take care of their kittis.. >_>

kepalakotak said...

kucing goreng masak madu.


Dr hAnnA said...

pg td ade kucing kena gilis kat sezostrice..

..jgn ckp ank kucing tersebut..~

~hari2 pon nampak kucing~

Dr. Shukri Ustaz Suliman Sujak said...

i miss them very much!!!
everyday i dream about them!!!
later on can we get it back???
Please..... =(

afiQFaiz said...

-> dr hanna, really?? menggilis kucing merupakan sebuah kekejaman kelas 5~!!

-> dr shukri, sure, but don't beg on me, supposely you go and beg the restaurant owner.. >_>

matadore said...


u even give them names?


khairi said...

Hu~siannye kucing tu. Guess what, seriously, ari tu aku nmpk salah sekor dr anak kucing tu keluar dr kotak, then pergi kat kaki kat seorang budak arab ni (dalam belasan tahun la-tp dah boleh fikir mane elok mane buruk)then, selambe je budak tu sepak kucing tu smpai terpelanting kat tgh jalan. Pastu ade sorg budak pompuan yg hati mulia ni, (budak melayu kita jugak) ambil semula kucing tu dan letak smula dalam kotak.Alhamdulillah, nasib baik x kena langgar kereta~
Afiq, jom la ambik kucing tu smule~

anisahshamilah said...


lame dah x mlawat sni...
how's ur life there?
blk m'sia x?

anisahshamilah said...


lame dah x mlawat sni...
how's ur life there?
blk m'sia x?

afiQFaiz said...

---> senpai dr anisahshamilah,
hoho.. mmg sgt kiut~ tp.. nk wat camne.. peraturan asrama mara pn dh kuar, x le BELA PETS~ nooo~~

erk,tu r, nk lwt tp kekurangan mase lapang lak.. tp insya Allah turun cairo, nk shopping sblm balik msia.. hehe..

kehidupan di sini seperti di sekolah... dibwh peraturan pegawai mara yg seperti warden.. huhu..
yg lain lebih kurg je, bz student medic.. hehe