Monday, July 6, 2009

sushi or sashimi, anyone??

Sushi and sashimi.
do they ring any bell?
indeed, yes. most of us are already very familiar with this infamous japanese cuisine.
some even have tried them out. (this include me,but not yet the sashimi..)
so, what comes across of your mind when you overheard of these two japanese food?
BINGO~ raw fish or seafood.

and the definition goes as:

sushi : japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavoured cold rice served with a garnish of vegetables egg or raw seafood

sashimi : japanese dish of bite-sized pieces of raw fish eaten with soy sauce and horseradish paste (wasabi)

(from the dictionary of oxford - 10th edition)

agree? both of them become very well-known across the world for they are served as RAW dish.
so, have you ever heard the results,or more likely to be quoted as side-effects, of eating sushi and sashimi?

let's scroll down the page and observe with nicely focusing eyes~ =P

can't see anything? try the next one..

can you see the worms?? making the brain like their home.. >_<"

from the email I received, the man in the pictures is known as Shota Fujiwara, 80 years old.
he had complained of having extreme headaches for 3 years and was diagnosed to have loss his psychomotor ability (ability to originate body movement in conscious mental activity).

Via the CT-scan and X-ray test, worm "hideouts" were found underneath his scalp, fortunately still outside the skull. And the worm found is the from the parasite species of which they are found within the body of uncooked fish, both of sea and freshwater fishes.

the egg of this parasite and the adult itself can only be killed through heating in high temperature or easily said as cook. frying,steaming, bake, roast, saute'.. you name all the cooking style, it doesn't matter of which way, but as long as it is cook!

this little parasite can also be killed through freezing at the range of -10 to -20 degree Celsius, for the duration of at least 1 week!

so,the moral of the post is, pay attention to what you swallow into your stomach. this doesn't only restricted to sushi and sashimi, but whatever you eat, make sure it is cooked well. top prioritize cleanliness whenever or wherever you are.
as what is quoted by our beloved Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H ,

"cleanliness is a part of the Iman (faith)."

so then, take care of yourself, watch out what you eat.
you may still eat sushi as you may choose the one without any raw seafood or meat.
(hehe.. since I actually love sushi, but not those with raws.. yuck~!)
but surely yes,do avoid from having sashimi as the cuisine itself is purposely served raw.. huhu

till the next post.


p/s : *sorry, can't provide any scientific info of this parasite yet. will do more research on it,
insya Allah. (just done with microbiology exam, haven't learned about parasites yet.. hehe)


siti-situ-sana-sini said...

takut la tgk gmbo otak tu!!!!!!!!!

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Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

tobat.. x nak makan sushi pas ni
*bajet makan je b4 this... sikit2 je... er... better check...

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