Saturday, March 14, 2009

remembrance & reminiscence

let us have a moment,
a moment for a short recall,
having peace and calm embrace the seconds,
listening to the soft whisper of zephyr,
gazing through the back days,
the remembrance of what had passed,
in the blink of eyes.
to see those days,
enlightened by smiles we never had today,
with echoing laughter we always remember,
tears and joy we had shared with,
sketching our wild imagination,
beyond of those graceful clouds,
along the path we strolled through,
under those cerulean skies we always miss..

of those memories we hold together,
the feelings of our hearts share,
they remain here,
still there,
treasured and carved within these days,
the bright smiles,
the laughter we burst into,
tears of joy and sore we shed,
those beautiful days,
shall never vanish..
that i always wonder if
we still share them together,
do we..?

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kepalakotak said...

ko kate x suke lagu tu.