Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the after

in the name of Allah the most gracious & merciful

hamdulillah.. at last, the very first 'invasion' has ended..
yet one should never let go every single piece of experiences gained from this 'battle'..
for the forthcoming promises challenges for us..
even better and more trouble causing..

relinquish not
to the 'wound' and 'bruises' we gained from the battle
nor to the pain of the insides
as should we take it..
to make strength within..
to walk forth..
for the unforeseeable days ahead..
of what eventually has been waiting tardily..
so those are the keys..
of confronting the mystery ahead..

let us view every single aspect,
learn from them..
learn from what we feel
from what we see
from what we decide
from what is within
and outside..

should we fall on the road..
but to stop is never..
either way to turn back is too never granted..
so, let us build the strength..
the spirit..
to keep us on the boulevard we have chosen..
be strong,
walk ahead,
with never ending confidence..
to believe in ourselves..
guiding us towards the light
at the end of the road..

May the journey be blessed..
Insya Allah..
Rabbana ma'ana..


anisahshamilah said...


at last, ade pon contengan...
is this about exam or life?
nice...teringin nk terer BI..

afiQFaiz said...


owh, tggu ade contengan rupenye..
sorry for making u waiting..huhu

well, actually and supposedly to be about the exam..tp entah cmne tibe2 melalut jd utk hidup..
anyway, life is an exam.. agree with me senpai? :D

i use these to improve my english :
Read, Write, Speak
*credits to Teacher Iqma for the method..*

yet there's still a long way to improve my english.. insya Allah, u too will get to higher level..

khairi said...

Salam..Hope you'll become a better man in facing the tougher second semester soon. Good luck! (Erk!~Please don't put any comment on my English)