Friday, March 13, 2009


and so,
that's the end of the 10 days we've been craving for throughout the autumn semester,
after the long rally of struggle facing the end of semester examination,
which had dragged us for such tiresome, 'thrilling' dawns and dusk across the month.
living in days somehow is never considered as healthy. which means, something that one who studies about health shouldn't do!
sleepless nights, eat what's in the fridge and kitchen, days of 0 sweat drops and mostly.. mentally fatigue and elongating short term stress.

and for the handsome reward of our strive.. the 10 days break~!
now and then we reminisce, here and there we stroll and see.
from alexandria to mansourah, across the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, across the desert land.
*the penconteng only got around within egypt, not yet for the later mentioned*

so much things we see, miracles, beauty of the world. the arts of the late to be viewed and learned from. the outstanding mystery of nature we pursue, for leading ourselves towards gratefulness. people with vast identity and personality to meet.
all these will be treasured by those who appreciate, through their life.

and here we are,
awaken on the morning of new..
the spring semester is here, new subjects waiting for us, the doctor-to-be..
going into the depth of the medical disciplines, exploring the human wonders lurking beneath.
may we will be able to cut the gaps between us and Him, the Almighty Creator.
and let us proceed with newly built strength, new spirits and aims.
let the past be the teacher, the marker of improvements.
all the best.
and here lies the new hope within.

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matadore said...

happy having new sem
and make sure it is carved with more spirit and better hopes :)