Monday, December 1, 2008

customer,profit or relax time, ya 'ammu? =_=

juruwang,jgn sesekali buat mereka pening kepala mengira
ape yg anda telah beli,jika tidak anda akan dikenekan bayaran

Ya 'ammu~~ana 'awiz ruz billahmah wel beid..!
(pak cik,saye nk nasi daging dgn telur..!)

it's a common phrase in the noon..during the lunch..(mostly it's after the lecture,almost evening..haha XD)

mat'am kuliah tibb..that's the place we usually had our breakfast & lunch,since the only restaurant that serve nasi + lauk..haha..the owner somehow already know the taste of malaysian.. credits for him!!hehe

yet,this is not the main point to be highlighted here..just imagine,when all the malaysian students went and gather in this not-so-big double story restaurant,4 rectangular dining table with 4 seats for each story(kinda confusing,hehehe..)..zahmah awi~~!! (soooo crowded!! XD)

yes,the owner is very happy and delightful,since it's time to make fortune!! rushing around,up and down he goes,taking orders from the student.. "salamualaikum,aiwah ya doktor!! 'awiz eh??" (salam..yes doctor,what do you want??).. yelling and shouting to his workers...and tada!! your order is there,ready to be chewed down,yeah!!

hey,wait up!why not compare your very own,just arrived,hot and steamy beef rice with your friend's next to does have diferentS..erm,let's say..count how many piece of meat are there..hey,my beid maqli(fried egg) is only quarter of yours..yet i've to pay same's 1pound for an egg,not quarter.. T-T

this is it,the scenario of customer,profit and relax..yes,the service is way fast,like a fast food restaurant,even pizza hut can never compete with this restaurant..fufufufu..but there's an extreme down side here,a lethal's service..thumbs down everybody~!!haha XD

lihat & perhatikan warna minyak tersebut..minyak goreng
falafel,kentang dan segalanya......

entertain yourself watching the workers rushing around while waiting for your orders..though it is only the two of you..huhu
these people want to finish their work fast,so that they can have a nice pleasure leisure time in the middle of their "office hour"'s okay,but when the action excludes the customers' right..well..huhu..judge yourself...
MONEY!! fast money perhaps..that pop ups in their head...
frying oil that has not been change for more than 4 days..(i guess..)
that way you can cut the cost of buying new cooking oil..huhu
multiple used oil=may cause CANSER!!

kerana inilah satu2nya tmpat yg ade nasi+lauk~~

we complain the service,yet we still eat there..hahaha...since they have nasi berlauk..i guess.. =_=



hisyam said...

Slm, just thought I'd say Welcome to the blogging world~finally. Keep it up.

So, that's what it looks like in a typical restaurant in Egypt..

afiQFaiz said...

wslm..hehe..thanks..more likely to be a journal..

yup,and some scenario of it..=_=

van der shraaf said...

pergh..english ko 'always better' drpd aku...hehe

matadore said...

do they really charge more?

JHaZKiTaRo said...

haha.. teingat masa pegi egypt thn 2006 dulu.. anyway, salam aidiladha dari dublin, ireland. jom aa singgah my blog kalau rajin. :)

matadore said...

u have been tagged. hehee

Anonymous said...

really risking ur life just for some nasi berlauk?
haha..(irrationally thinking) if i were u, i would do that too! yay!

btw, sp yg stdy kt dublin uh?
nk ikot!!