Monday, December 15, 2008

tis is...

Tis is the day,
of myself breaking through
the border of false and truth
learning of what eyes never know,
what thought never see
of everything that lies ahead..

But the learning is never an ease;
for one must listen
to the whisper of heart,
accepting the reality,
revealing the truth beyond lies,
To carve the desired life..

Tis is the path;
Of the way I choose,
To step further forth,
To decide what is lie or fact,
To stand on my shadow
Having my own way..
To colour the dreams
between the light and darkness…


hisyam said...


But is this yours or just one of those "rip offs"? Just kidding...

afiQFaiz said...

erk... it's really my very own piece.. =_="

matadore said...

like it!


keep choosing the best pathway of life

or you'll be sorry

aDerein said...

and im still looking for those essay u hid from hazim. lawl. there you go. such a melancholy piece

majestret_lolypop said...

it's great.

dr dlu ak tau yg ko mmg pndai puitis2 ni ~

teacher iqma slalo puji kamo


matadore said...

just look at ur comments.

Anonymous said...

no comment.
coz it's YOU.
THE president!