Saturday, November 29, 2008

apabila "msuk air"....

ever heard of this term?? is a widely used term among students these days..also available

in other form..hilang skru,putus wayar,lemau,basi,otak jam... and so on... XD

How and when it happens?? of course,when a person in a stressful condition~~(should it be

categorized in part of sympathetic nervous system?? -_- ) exams,getting "buqrah2" in an extreme

urgent business,being boya2ed by the Egyptians (varies with: suzuki mama/papa or this

awuwuwuwuw!! sound =_=) and anything that tensed you down to

earth,pushing your sanity so damn hard that it's going to munch the ground~~ (i love exaggerations..hoho).. XD

Then this syndrome starts; the 1st level,this person will turn into silent mode,gazing his eyes

around,yet ignoring everything..

Believe me,this is tiring,soon this guy will enter the 2nd phase,start to talk and give responds to

the surroundings..but never in an active one..huhu..

And the peak or climax is achieved as the limit is exceed..and you'll find varieties of behavior;

jumping around,sing out loud,imitating child or animals..(as far as i concerned and

experienced,kitty is the most prefered..dunno why.. LOL),don't worry,this syndrome exclude those amok and brutal things,hit and bite others and etc...that's way out of this innocent syndrome we student of these days created..hehe

No cure or panacea for this,so,manage your sanity the friends of victims,2 options available: to help or let him be...if you care about your's the 1st option..have pity in them.. =D

-tidak akan sempurna Iman seseorang Muslim itu sehingga dia mengasihi saudaranya seperti mana dia mengasihi dirinya sendiri- Hadith

(correct me if I got it wrong)



matadore said...

funny pictha u've got over there ;)

afiQFaiz said... does shows like msuk air right???haha.. i was in cairo on that time..the evilish looking guy is my housemate,from penang..haha