Thursday, July 9, 2009

life is like a...?

here is a video to share with,
perhaps some of you guys have already watch it before.
it's a nice video featuring the analogy of our life.
not to mention that most of us might already have the way we see our life as.
from poems, short stories, novels, or simply quotations of some well-known figures
or just from mere anonymous,
those are some beautiful pieces that influences the way we interpret life.
As life is sometimes being so unforeseeable and subtle entity.

let's check out the video.
watch and think deeply.
view the content from every aspect.
and value what you've gained with your very own way.



Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

nice video... don't look at the cup!

Norhayati Rostam said...

yeah..i like it..
really comfortable

Anonymous said...

haha, kopi pun bnyk brand.. jd plh la kopi yg pling kaw!

btw, word verification nh ada level of difficulty ke?
aphal susah sgt yng nih!

tepianmuara said...

tq 4 the vid!

teringat gohwah adi..tobat..tobat