Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I have been lounging within these days,
alone in this vast windy field of grains,
Searching for ways devoured by the darks,
Of a young barn owl & his endless emprise.

Till the moment I realized,
of every glaze up into the night sky,
I see you beyond the horizons high up there,
as gold dust scattered over the darkest cerulean.
Shines as if the night could never devour,
Carving the faith deep within ; 
You are mightier than these eyes could ever whisper.
Coveting fragments of dream,
To fly up beyond the yonder.

And I have been flying high up into the sky,
Passing through those cloud of the nights,
Admiring to reach upon you,
Even if these wings shall no longer have mights.

Every fall should I accept,
And high up there shall I be,
I have yet to reach you,
Does the distance between us grow greater?

Reaching upon the Star,
will I ever be?


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