Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bound & Forgotten

You who have thrown me,
deep into the vast uncertainty,
casting your guilty look away,
hiding the truth written there in your eyes.

Fallen into the depth,
alone seems I would be,
With every length of this arm would wave,
across the vast blue horizon,
With every thousands word I would call upon,
crossing over the wings of time,
With every miles I chase after you,
shedding these crimson dew of essence,
They seemed to be embracing you,
But you tell the world none of their presence,
You deny their mere existence,
You reminisce every seconds of those moments,
yet you recite them as the forgotten tales.

I wish that the world could hear me,
simply through you,
but it seems to be far away from an ease,
till this oath we made shall come to its end.

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