Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was a child,
who eager about the world.
of what the eyes could see.

I was a boy.
who stood in the crowds of superior.
with nothing in my hands,
mocked, teased.
that I wished,
could be more meaningful than just standing,
there, alone.

I was in the school days,
where I learned,
of those the world contains.
some of the questions unanswered.

i was a writer back then,
who wrote every single pieces,
of I've found deep within me.
of what my eyes could tell,
ears could carve,
and what heart could whisper..
learning the paths of heart and minds..

I was in those fields and courts.
playing hard those games and sports.
having my physicals worked out.
assessing my limits.
envying of those athletics.
that I was never had those abilities..
learning the paths of body and limits.

I was a photographer,
who see the world beyond those lenses..
deciphering the depth of beauty..
finding thousands of expressions around me,
learning the path of eyes.

I was there in the kitchens.
where I could play with fire..
I was barely a cook.
amalgamating the tastes surrounding my life,
seeking for those flavours of no tongue could taste,
but the sweetness that shines those smiles.
learning the path of thoughtful..

I am a student of life.
who is searching for those never ending knowledge..
of those within,
and of those surrounding me.
living with those questions echoing,
of what and why.

now and then,
here and there,
I walk.
still searching.
for the pure covetous paths.
hopes & wishes.


Anonymous said...

the pic suits the post well. hehe


anwar azhari said...

mmg ko 100%

anisahshamilah said...

selalu cemburu dengan manusia2 hebat english nih..

kenapa semua "was"?
tak boleh "am" kan ker?

nini dah balik mesia?

afiQFaiz said...

pa-a : i dun hav any other pic.. >__<"

anwar : hmm.. really??

anisahshamilah : erh.. mane ade hebat.. biase2 je.. byk grammar mistakes tu~ >___<"

semua "was" sebab refer kpd ape yg dh jd~ bole jd bnde tu smlm~ :P

nini x balik lg~ tgh april ni insya Allah baru balik~ T.T

tepianmuara said...


kalau dbri ksemptan kte jumpe lg kat masjid negeri Ramadhan nh eh,