Friday, May 6, 2011


of the path I have chosen.
all these miles I have walked on,
that goes through as the time flies.
I could just look away upon them.

those are what I left behind.
the moments,
of shall I look upon them with emptiness,
and go forth without even a lesson,
wouldn't they shall turn into nothingness?

or should I seek upon these pieces,
of the shattered doings,
grasping these mistakes and wrong turns made,
hoping they shall not lead me any astray,
as this desirous path is still an endless way.

and yet,
I shall turn away not,
as regret was never answer,
Stepping forth faster,
to touch and feel this dream,
shining after my eyes ahead,
the covetous end,
that shall enlighten me till the very end.

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